I have recently made the switch to Krita.  Really love how natural the program makes digital drawing and painting feels.  It has a superb brush engine but lacks a bit in some features like "Save to web."  Krita is not perfect but it's far better than Photoshop in creating that art like feeling.


Unity terrain concepts.  There will be more to come and added to this post.  


More terrain sculpts.  Will be doing a lot of these in the near future.  The goal of these terrain sculpts is to create the best scene you can without the use of foliage.

(You may need to install the Unity Web Player to view the game.)

Been working on a level to put my 3d artwork in.  This is the basic terrain.  It still needs lots of work but is already off to a great start.  Walking through some of the areas I can really see what kind of 3d assets I need to build to enrich the environment.  Off to work I go.

I haven't posted in a very long time but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy doing some work!


Render study.  I'm finally able to put together a decent render workflow.  Excited to show lots of sketches I've been working on.

Struggling with achieving nice renders so I decided to further conceptualize the Jet Propulsion System.  


Speed sculpt concept.  Post-Apocalyptic Merchant.  He really needs a wagon.

Step by step of a Flying Racer.

Pencil test in Photoshop.